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Terms of the competition

Rules of the contest "There will be no losers 5"

The company "Stream Capital Ltd", which provides services for conducting exchange operations on the Forex currency market, CFDs on stocks, metals under the brand "StreamForex", hereinafter referred to as the Company, offers to participate in the traders' competition, in the manner and on the terms described in this document (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"). The fact of registration in the contest means your acceptance of the Rules.

1. General provisions

1.1. Participation in the Competition requires a deposit of 10$;

1.2. Everyone can take part in the Competition, regardless of citizenship, gender, nationality. Employees of the Company, as well as their family members and relatives are not allowed to participate in the competition;

1.3. Registration in the competition is carried out from 13.03.2023 to 07.05.2023 (inclusive), the period of the competition is from 17.04.2023 to 12.05.2023 (inclusive), announcement of winners until 19.05.2023;

1.4. The current rating of participants is published on the contest page on the official Stream Forex website.

1.5. The minimum number of participants is 50. If the number of registered clients does not correspond to the minimum number of participants, then the registration period, the period of the competition, is shifted by 7 calendar days.

2. Prize fund

2.1. The prize fund of the contest is 1500$;

2.2. Number of prizes - 25;

2.3. The prize fund is distributed by the competition commission among the winners, in accordance with the position held in the rating of participants at the time of summing up its results. The rating is compiled automatically in real time based on a comparison of the values of the "Equity" field of the contest Participants;

2.4. The prize fund is distributed according to the following table:

























































2.5. Prize funds, after they are credited to the trading account, can be withdrawn from the account at any time;

2.6. Participants who have not won prizes receive a 10$ bonus to trading account.

The bonus is credited to the trading account in the Credit column. The bonus is not available for withdrawal, but it is fully involved in maintaining free funds and the margin level, including in case of drawdown (the Stop out level on the account does not change, but still corresponds to the level stated in the section "Specification of trading instruments" on the Company's website).

2.6.1. For Cent accounts, the earned funds in excess of the bonus provided (profit) are available for withdrawal after at least 20 transactions with a total volume of at least 300 lots are made on the trading account and not earlier than 30 days after the bonus is credited.

2.6.2. In the case of making a deposit to the trading account with your own funds, the amount of your own deposit is available for withdrawal without any restrictions.

2.6.3. When calculating the total volume and number of closed positions, orders are not accepted:

- deleted and cancelled pending orders;

- orders with a duration of less than 2 minutes;

- profit (loss) on a closed order is less than or equal to 3 points;

- orders locked by counter orders in less than 2 minutes.

2.6.4. The bonus is debited from the account in full:

- 90 days after the date crediting the bonus.

- if there are no open orders and the level of funds (the "Funds" indicator in MT4) on the trading account is 3$ or less.

- in the case of transferring funds to another trading account or to a safe deposit.

- if the withdrawal request is confirmed by the code from the sms message.

- if there is no activity on the trading account for 30 days or more.

2.6.5. The maximum profit received from the bonus should not exceed more than 100$.

2.6.6. At the discretion of the financial department of the company, when making an application for the withdrawal of profits received for the bonus, the client may be offered an alternative method of withdrawing this profit, different from the one chosen by the client. The client will be required to create a new withdrawal request to the payment system offered by the finance department.

2.7. To receive a prize, each prize winner must open a trading account of any type and send a request to finance@streamforex.net with the subject of the email "Winner of the contest", indicating the account number to which the prize is to be credited.

3. Registration

3.1. To take part in the competition, you must:

- register or log in to your personal account;

- make a deposit to the safe deposit account with the necessary amount of money to purchase a coupon;

- purchase a competitive coupon for the activation of a competitive account;

3.2. It is possible to register and take part in the current competition during the open registration period for the competition;

3.3. Upon registration, the Participant undertakes to provide his/her authentic data. All Participants agree to publish their account number and its history, surname and first name on the StreamForex website;

3.4. Upon completion of registration and activation of the contest coupon, a Contest Account is opened for the Participant (a unique number (login) and password are assigned). The data obtained is used to participate in the contest and virtual trading using the "StreamForex MetaTrader 4" trading terminal;

3.5. The terminal must first be downloaded and installed on your computer. The process of installing and configuring the terminal is completely identical for both competitive and demo and real accounts. Address of the contest server: demo.streamforex.net . For users of mobile applications, the server is StreamCapital-Demo.

3.6. The starting value of the balance and leverage for all contestants is the same and is:

- balance - 10,000 virtual US dollars;

- leverage - 1:100;

3.7. Each participant of the contest is allowed to have an unlimited number of contest accounts;

3.8. Coupons not activated before 07.05.2023 are activated automatically on 08.05.2023.

4. Additional conditions

4.1. The maximum aggregate volume of positions on all trading instruments at any time is not limited;

4.2. During the contest, the number of complete transactions carried out by the Participant must be at least 10;

4.2. During the contest, the number of complete transactions carried out by the Participant must be at least 10;

4.3. The minimum deposit increment should be at least 5%;

4.4. The rules for concluding transactions on the competitive account fully comply with the rules described in section 4. Offers for trading accounts of the "Professional" type;

4.5. At the end of the contest, all open positions are forcibly closed, and the current value of profit/ loss on them is reflected in the balance sheet;

4.6. The minimum contract is 0.01 lot, the step is 0.01, the maximum contract is 20 lots;

4.7. Leverage is not subject to change;

4.8. Trading operations on competitive accounts during the contest are carried out only using currency pairs. Other instruments are not available on competitive accounts. This restriction applies only to the contest accounts and only for the duration of this contest;

4.9. The Participant may use automated trading systems ("advisors");

4.10. The Participant is obliged to comply with these contest rules;

4.11. The Participant is prohibited from locking positions on the accounts of one or more interconnected persons in order to gain gains on one or more accounts at the expense of losses on other accounts;

4.12. In case of violation of these contest rules, or at its discretion, the Company reserves the right to disqualify the participant at any time without notice and explanation of the reasons;

5. Conducting and judging the competition

5.1. The competition judge is the StreamForex Competition Commission. The decisions taken by the commission are final and are not subject to appeal;

5.2. Participants who violate these Rules are subject to disqualification in the current competition. Disqualification of a Participant in the current competition does not deprive him of the right to participate in the next trader competition, as well as to use the rest of the Company's services;

5.3. Claims from participants are not accepted for consideration:

- related to the inability to perform transactions on the competitive account caused by poor communication quality both on the side of the Participant of the competition and on the side of one of the StreamForex providers;

- related to the level of quotations in the "StreamForex MetaTrader 4" trading platform, except in cases of obvious errors;

5.4. To win, the Participant must fulfill the following conditions:

- to take a prize in the Competitive rating posted on the contest page;

- fix the deposit increment of at least 5% ;

- open the first order on the contest account no later than 3 days before the end of the contest;

- close at least 10 transactions on the competitive account;

- if the values of the indicators are the same for one or more participants, then priority is given to the participant who registered the account before the others;

5.5. If at least one condition of clause 5.4. is not fulfilled, the participant is not entitled to win and receive a prize;

5.6. The StreamForex Administration has the right to suspend or terminate the contest in case of technical problems with the providers servicing the company's equipment, or due to extraordinary circumstances that arose after the start of the contest, which the company administration could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures;

5.7. The StreamForex Administration reserves the right to make changes to these Rules, about which the Company will inform the contest Participants in advance.