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02:24:03 24-01-2022

GBP/USD Price Analysis: Bears eye a trip to 1.3450 as per weekly chart

  • GBP/USD is testing critical support on the hourly chart. 
  • The weekly W-formation is compelling as risk-off takes hold in the open.

GBP/USD's W-formation could see the price continue to correct for the week ahead which puts an emphasis towards 1.3450:

GBP/USD weekly chart

The W-formation is a reversion pattern where the neckline of the W is expected to be retested. Bears can move to a lower time frame in order to gauge for an optimal entry point from where the neckline can be bagged for profit:

GBP/USD H1 chart

The price needs to break the support and on a retest of this area, the bears will be looking for it to hold and confirm the downside bias towards the target area. A continuation higher in the DXY looks to be setting up for the day ahead with the risk-off market profile related to the Russian headlines.

Russia/Ukraine tensions rising: British gov says it has uncovered a plot by Moscow to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev

DXY H1 chart

The pound is often regarded as a riskier currency to hold at times of stress due to the nations twin deficits, so this too could tip the balance the bear's favour for the opening sessions this week. 

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