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09:15:38 17-09-2021

Electrical market to see a 20-year runway for 6% compound annual growth – Morgan Stanley

Electric vehicles, the energy transition, grid modernization and distributed power are already popular investment themes, and deservedly so. Strategists at Morgan Stanley believe the electrical market could potentially generate outstanding profits in the future.

Plugging into the electrification megatrend

“Electrification could be one of the biggest growth opportunities in the industrial economy when you consider the number of areas that will need to be developed, expanded or modernized."

“The market for electrical gear not only offers a potentially lower risk play on multiple trends at once, it’s also poised to benefit from incremental growth on top of an already solid base.”

“Morgan Stanley Research analysts believe that the sector has a 20-year runway for 6% compound annual growth or nearly double historical industry rates.”


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