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06:43:19 29-02-2024

EUR/JPY plunges to near 162.30 following hawkish signals from BoJs Takata

  • EUR/JPY depreciates by around 0.62% after BoJs hawkish signal on Thursday.
  • BoJs Hajime Takata hinted at the possibility of exiting from monetary stimulus measures.
  • The Euro receives downward pressure following subdued data from the Eurozone on Wednesday.

EUR/JPY drops to near 162.30 during the Asian session following hawkish signals from Bank of Japan (BoJ) board member Hajime Takata on Thursday. Takata emphasized the necessity for the BoJ to contemplate flexible responses, including the possibility of exiting from monetary stimulus measures.

BoJs Takata noted that the achievement of the 2% inflation target is coming into view despite uncertainties in the economic outlook. Exit measures under consideration would involve abandoning the yield curve control framework, discontinuing negative interest rates, and revisiting the overshoot commitment. It is essential to consider the balance between the effectiveness of easing measures and their potential side effects. Furthermore, Takata highlighted that the economy is transitioning into a phase characterized by rising wages and prices, moving away from the chronic deflationary cycle.

Furthermore, the Japanese Yen (JPY) could receive support due to concerns about potential intervention by Japanese authorities, which in turn undermines the EUR/JPY cross. Masato Kanda, Japan's vice finance minister for international affairs, stated that the government is prepared to take appropriate action against excessive exchange-rate movements and volatility.

In other economic news, Japanese Retail Trade year-over-year expanded by 2.3% in January, meeting expectations and slightly down from the previous increase of 2.4%. Additionally, the seasonally adjusted month-over-month data surged by 0.8%, reversing the previous decline of 0.8%.

The Euro (EUR) encountered difficulties following disappointing data from the Eurozone on Wednesday. Economic sentiment declined in February, dropping from 96.1 to 95.4, which fell short of estimates for an improvement to 96.7. Similarly, Consumer Confidence revealed an economic downturn with a consistent reading of -15.5 as expected.

Moreover, market participants are likely awaiting a barrage of key economic data from Germany, including Retail Sales, Consumer Price Index, and Unemployment data on Thursday.


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